Editing & Post Production

Post production editing is the universal trick for pro photography.

Enhancing images is an art form as it’s easy to lose the core image with over enhancement.

The enhancement needs to be subtle to maintain the look and keep it real.

The majority of drone companies do not have the post production capabilities while most drone pilots are not photographers.

These are major differences in the deliverables to the client. Obviously customers deserve the best images possible for the money spent.

Branding and text can be attached and produce a marketing piece with one image.

When your image counts…..let us help you with post !

This illustration demonstrates the power of post production photo enhancement.

Posting can make a bad picture good and a good picture great.

We are bombarded with great images as the standard has been set high.

Even cell phones take good pictures.

Photoshop is the best known program for image post production however there are several more that we use to create these stunning images.

Most of the work is done in Adobe Creative Cloud that offers the entire suite of Adobe programs for post production.

We use Photoshop CC, Lightroom CC, Premier Pro CC and After Effects CC as our primary programs for video editing and image enhancement.

We use Avid Protools for music production and editing.


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