Drone technology continues to skyrocket with UAS (unmanned aerial system) carrying heavier loads. We are in the infancy of how this technology will integrate into our airspace. Advancing controlling hardware and software continue to push the leading edge of drone technology. Many additional new applications are rolling out in the thermal aerial arena that have profound impact on several industries.

Palm Beach Drone Pros monitors this technology and adapts to including matching applications to our business. This includes 3d mapping, 2d mapping, image stitching, 4k video and other cutting edge technology. This creates more options for clients to achieve the look and content to grow businesses.

The future could hold drone taxis with airway highways and this will include long distant commutes. My hope has been to be one of the first drone pilots to fly in or with a UAS people carrier.

Ultimately the Pilot is the largest safety factor and is responsible for all operations. We continue to monitor these new technologies and report on significant developments impacting our clients.

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