Drones continue to integrate into the workforce as this technology expands. Palm Beach Drone Pros provides advanced features including 3d mapping, thermography, panoramas and image stitching.

The advent of drone delivery is a hot topic. Drones must fly beyond the line of sight and have an ID. These are upcoming topics with the FAA as commercial drone deliveries have not been fully authorized. Drone Safely is a primary focus, these items must be addressed before drone delivery is practical.

In Jupiter, Stuart, Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, Wellington and beyond there have been few drone related accidents. In November, 2020 the first case of a drone colliding with an aircraft is being prosecuted and is highly visible.

Peter DeWitt, the administrator for the BLM of the Jupiter Lighthouse said over 20 drones had been recovered inside the fenced area. This doesn’t help the cause for drone safety and creates poor public perception.

The BLM lands are prohibited for drones but access can’t be stopped if the drone flies over the property from an outside location. This is a confusing part of the regulations. The FAA governs the airspace not the BLM.

Drone deliveries will come to Palm Beach county with time. For medical emergencies, search and rescue, and support for fire fighting drones will rule the skies but these services are limited.

Palm Beach Drone Pros services South Florida and provides aerial video and ground photography. Give us a call and we will provide the solution for your project.

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