Singer Island Marriott
Singer Island, Florida

Singer Island is a popular vacation destination and the Sailfish capital. Hence Sailfish Marina the local marina with direct access to the Lake Worth Inlet to the Atlantic ocean. Characters are out the inlet in 10 minutes and on the fish in less than a half hour. Palm Beach Drone Pros provides offshore services to support the charter industry and private fishing boats. The sailfish season starts in November and runs thru the winter months. Several fishing tournaments are run out of sailfish marina. The Singer Island Marriott has accommodations for weekly and monthly residences thru the winter season. There are private owners who lease these high end condos that are managed by the Marriott Corp. My client on this project is one of these owner/managers and provides discounted lodging for those who make direct contact. There is excellent dining and entertainment within 5 minutes of this facility and even more selections on PGA Blvd. about a 10 minute drive. Visitors come from New York and New Jersey in the winter (other places too) and it gets busy. But it’s still very comfortable and much slower pace.

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